I don’t nap. I have nothing against. I wish I could take naps! I was the annoying child who would go into her room during nap time, but spend the whole time sneaking out to other parts of the house, or playing in my room. We had nap time in kindergarten (remember the good old days?!). I remember being told to close my eyes numerous times. I just didn’t nap.

Even now as a runner I don’t nap. I have friends who finish long runs and then take a nice long nap. Me, I go home, get cleaned up, and practice the violin for a couple of hours. Even after marathons I don’t nap. After Chicago I was wide awake until dinner playing on my iPhone, and watching TV. My Mom who had been out cheering was asleep in the next bed (it was a tough day for runners & spectators!!). I ran the Tallahassee Marathon back in February, and instead of napping drove 5 hours home so I could make it to work the next day.

So, I was shocked when I feel asleep on the couch Saturday afternoon after helping my parents look at Apple computers (I’m currently coveting a beautiful MacBook Pro. Oh now I need a new computer!). My run that morning had been a little off. Not bad, but the pace I was going should have felt easier, at least it felt easier the week before. Then I napped, which was followed by falling asleep again at 8:30 (I live the glamorous life). And then, wait for it, I took another nap Sunday afternoon. Huh? By Saturday evening it was pretty clear, I had gotten sick. Violin students have been coughing on me for weeks. My boss walked into my studio Thursday afternoon to say he was going home because he had found he had bronchitis. Germs are here, and they found me darn it. All the energy is gone, and my new best friend is the couch. And I have no plan to go running for several days. Clearly I need rest, and I can take a hint! 🙂

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