I am thankful for: puppies

They never leave your side. They love you no mater what. Puppies are a girl’s best friend. Especially two named Lucy (black lab/chow mix) and Abbie (blond carrien terrier). Some days they drive me nuts, but I love them. I love that Lucy likes to lay across my door while I practice, or take a nap in the room. She listens to me, and not always to other people. I get covered in kisses just because, and I’m usually the only she will let brush her longer than 30 seconds. She always lets me know she missed me during the day even if the howling is a little loud when I walk in the door.

Abbie uses me to play fetch. Yes, it’s my fault she likes to play fetch, but at least I taught her how to roll the ball closer! Oh, and unlike Lucy, she likes to run. At least for a little bit. She’s a bit yappy some times, and snores, but who can resist the face?


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