I am Thankful for: laughter

Sometimes I think there is nothing better than a good laugh. I consider being silly and giggling part of my job! Life is easier, lighter when there’s laughter. Whether it’s at work making a student giggle, or a random moment during the day, laughter is medicine for the soul. Some of my favorite moments:

  • When the goat first appeared in front of a neighbor’s house I thought it was really weird. I mean, we live in Buckhead. People just don’t go putting plastic goats out in front of their house’s in Buckhead. But then I noticed the goat was having some fun. He wasn’t always in the same place. Some days he was shy, others he was right up front in all of his goat glory. And then came Halloween! I don’t think I have been so amused by anything in a long timepoor Mr. Goat is hiding under a tree with no clothes. I wonder what will happen for Christmas!
  • When students first start playing the violin I tell them how the violin rest between the shoulder and the head. Then we check to make sure that everything is the right height, which sometimes means we use a piece of sponge under the violin. I use myself as an example and jokingly tell them I have a neck as long a giraffe, which is why I use a shoulder rest (my neck is unusually long for a violinist). One student looked right at me and said, “silly Miss Bonnie your neck isn’t as long as a giraffe. It’s more like a horse!”
  • My friend Jaclyn is very persuasive. Last night the Chicago Team got together for dinner to support a fundraising dine-out night for Team in Training. She decided that everyone needed to plan on running with her for her 12 mile run this Saturday. The battle that ensued was hysterical! I can’t remember when I laughed so much! I might have egged things on a bit just to keep it going… 🙂
  • Do you ever have moments when you’re listening to something, say like a podcast, and all of a sudden you’re laughing at loud? Happens all the time
  • Sometimes I find mistakes I make really funny. The alterative is just getting frustrated, which lets be honest, isn’t that much fun. Most of the time they are really dumb mistakes. Just taking it in stride!

There are so many moments sometimes it’s hard to remember them all. Sometimes it just comes in a smile. Other times it 20 minutes of good laughter. Whatever it is, they are moments that make the day easier, less overwhelming, and that’s what I really love.


One thought on “I am Thankful for: laughter

  1. I agree Bonnie, laughter is something to be grateful for. Some of my best deep down, belly giggling has occurred in church or at funerals. God gave us laughter. I can’t wait to hear Him laugh.

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