Today I have to wear black. Not get to, have to. Black is my uniform. As a musician it means putting my personality into the music instead of what I’m wearing. It isn’t about the person, it’s about the music. It’s partially about how it looks too. An orchestra all in black is visually easier to watch then one with a miss mash of different outfits. I get, I really do. The group as a whole is what is important. The same colors, bowings, articulations, rhythms, and playing together. Creating together is more important.


Today I’m wearing black because the website for the music school I work for is finally getting a much-needed face lift. Because of that all of the teachers get to take head shots for this snazzy new site. I got all excited at first. What would I wear? I needed a new head shot. The old one is so out of date, and the color is kind of weird. And then I got the news. Everyone was required to wear black so that we all looked alike. For a while this had disappointed me. I felt like I had to blend in rather than be who I am. And then today it occurred to me that just because I am a musician, and black is my uniform it doesn’t define me. There are all of these connotations with the color black. It’s sad, somber, mournful, the color “serious” artist use to define themselves. Here is my thing about being a “serious” artist and the color black. Why would you want to look like everyone else? Maybe it’s not so much about the color. My personality will still come out during the day despite the color I have on. We will have no less fun in group class today because of what I am wearing. I can still be silly, and laugh. Plus, I only have to wear a black top. I’m thinking my lime green shoes might be a good idea for today. πŸ™‚ We are not defined by colors, or what we wear. We determine how we are defined by our actions, our personalities, how we treat others, and the way we live our lives. So, today I will wear black, and still be myself!


Just a thought…


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