I love cupcakes!!

How about something lighter today? Maybe cupcakes?!!

I’ve had this odd tradition since July that I like to have a cupcake the night before a race. Doesn’t mater how long the race is, I just like to have a cupcake. I mean it’s important to fuel properly before a race, and everyone talks about carb loading. Cupcakes have really yummy carbs :-D. And frosting!

So I talked to my friend Amy about cupcakes in Chicago. Where should I go? She gave me two places to try, and then said if I didn’t go to Sprinkles she would kill me. Okay, Sprinkles it is (you don’t have to tell me twice). It ended up being a lot further from the hotel than I realized. A mile each way walking from the hotel to be precise. Good thing Mom and I went Friday!

Cute, right? Wait till you see what’s inside! They had these:

mmmmm cupcakes! I got the pumpkin spice, which I had Saturday night, and this lovely chia with cream cheese frosting post race. I’ve heard a rumor that Sprinkles has been talking about opening a location in Atlanta. Dear Sprinkles, please hurry up! I’ll bring friends!!!

And they had everything decorated for Halloween 🙂


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