Sillyness, Craziness, and nerves

Why hello Mr. Goat. You’re looking a little green and goblin like today… :-). I personally like the purple, sparkly things coming out of his ears (they are a little hard to see). I just thought I would share a few things this morning, like this (our coach sent it this morning):

Every five minutes, someone in the United States learns that he or she has leukemia or lymphoma. Every nine minutes, another child or adult is expected to die from these diseases. Every year, survival rates are increasing through advances in research and treatment. We are making a difference! – Fact

A few years ago, at the Seattle Special Olympics, nine contestants, all physically or mentally disabled, assembled at the Start line for the 100-yard dash.

At the gun, they all started out, not exactly in a dash, but with a relish to run the race to the finish and win. All, that is, except one little boy who stumbled on the asphalt, tumbled over a couple of times, and began to cry. The other eight heard the boy cry. They slowed down and looked back. Then they all turned around and went back. Every one of them!

One girl with Down’s Syndrome bent down, kissed the boy and said: “This will make it better.” Then all nine linked arms and walked together to the Finish line. Everyone in the stadium stood, and the cheering went on for several minutes.

People who were there are still telling the story. Why? Because deep down we know this one thing:  What matters in this life is more than winning for ourselves. What matters in this life is helping others win, even if it means slowing down and changing our course.

Another cool thing from fellow mentor and friend Andy:

And this one is cool, but makes me super nervous:

It’s been a pretty crazy week at work. I had one random mom let her son run through my group class Monday, and nearly knock me over while holding a $6000 violin that is on loan to me. After asking them to leave 3 times they finally left my class alone. And I think another student quit. I think his mom might be mad at me for asking her to finally follow the same make-up policies that all of my other students follow (it’s been a problem for a while), or maybe it’s because he doesn’t practice and hasn’t brought his violin to a lesson in 3 weeks..

Crazy, just crazy…


2 thoughts on “Sillyness, Craziness, and nerves

  1. bonnie. i think you were hired as a baby sitter not a violin teacher. how do you not bring your instrument to a music class?! better questions – as a mom why do you not say "hey timmy where is your violin?!"I love the goat! =)And good luck Sunday!!

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