When Tuesday becomes Monday

Yesterday wasn’t the best day of the week so far, which was sad considering how awesome Monday was.

 My Chicago bib number & participant guide came in the mail Monday!!!!! 🙂

Well, at least until I got into work and discovered for the second time in 3 weeks there was no air conditioning. Grumble, grumble, grumble. If it were actually fall this might not have been a problem. However, summer is still here. Monday it was 93 in the afternoon, and Tuesday it was 95. Sigh… It took calling the maintence people twice over 2 days to actually get them to come out (I guess not having AC isn’t a big issue for them). My student’s were rock stars, and put up with temps in the mid 80s in my room all day on Monday, but after 10 minutes I was sweating on Tuesday, which is not a big deal, but I was inside, and I wasn’t running.

So, the maintence guy finally shows up (apparently we are suppose to e-mail rather than call. Thanks for letting us know…) and asks if I would like for him to take a look at it right now, or if he should come back later. Dude, it’s 95 outside, the sun is on my room, and I’m already hot & sweaty after 30 minutes. Guess which one I choose? After making the fun dieing noise for him, he said the compressor was giving out, and started looking at things. Then he noticed one the heat buttons was pushed down slightly (the unit was not installed correctly however many decades ago it was put in so part of the cover actually sits on top of the low heat button). I must have let someone climb on it. No, I had not thank you very much. Oh, well I must have let someone push down on the cover. Again, thanks for trying, but no. How about we blame someone else. And then it pops in my head that they had been out to fix the stupid machine 3 weeks ago. The cover had come off, and then slapped back on. Hmmm, wonder if that would be considered pushing down hard? In which case maitence men you messed up my AC by trying to fix it the last time. These people drive me crazy!

To top it all off I can’t wear my good pair of glasses any more :(. After 3 years the anti-glare coating is coming off, and ruining the lens. I can’t see out of the right lens anymore, and the headaches are driving me nuts. So, I’m currently wearing an older pair until I can get to the eye doctor Friday to get a new prescription because nothing can be done to save the lens. They have to be replaced. At least the guy at the store I bought the glasses from was super nice, didn’t blame me, and gave me an estimate. While I was there I asking about prescription running glasses, and he was super nice and answered all of my questions. Apparently I am just too blind. Because of my prescription, and because of the shape of most athletic glasses I would end up getting really dizzy trying to wear them (he said that he got some, and his prescription is no where near as bad as mine & he gets dizzy from them). That doesn’t sound like a good combination if you ask me. So, now I’m thinking about getting some contacts to wear while running, and then getting a pair of sunglasses for running. Having a headache from squinting while running is getting old.

I could use a little Westside Creamery treat right about now:

a little post long run treat on Saturday salted caramel ice cream!
And look what I found at Antico while waiting for my pizza!

love Alton Brown!
Needless to say my run this morning was not the greatest. It’s alright because I made it up everyone of the crazy hills without stopping this morning. Here’s to a better Wednesday! May it have never heard of a case on the Mondays…

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