The last big run!

Saturday was a big day for the Team in Training Georgia Chapter’s Chicago Team. Why? Because most of the team was running their very first 20 miler. That’s right folks! We ran 20 miles on Saturday. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really worried about the run. With one 20 mile run already under my belt I wasn’t worried about the distance. I was a little worried about the course. We ran out at the river, which is a 20 mile course that I’ve never done in my 3 seasons with Team in Training. I hope I don’t have to do again! Holy hills! I thought the other 20 mile courses were hilly, but this one had some doosies. There were a couple that were near impossible to run up. Jaclyn and I decided we were going to take it easy and not push. She was getting over a cold, and I had spent most of the week cursing ragweed, and trying to regain the ability to breathe through my nose. It was slower than my first 20 miler, but it still felt great, and I really think that’s because we took it easy. There was no reason to push with the summer heat & humidity coming back. Now it’s taper time! I can’t believe there are only 3 weeks till the race!

The team before the run. All smiles & we smell pretty good too 🙂
At the 3rd waterstop. Cruising along before the hills…
30 seconds before this was taken I mentioned how happy I was that our coach had stopped taking our picture… This is what I get for opening my big mouth 🙂
Done!! Chocolate milk  in hand! Life is good 🙂
Most of the team post run. We still look pretty happy even if we don’t smell as good… 🙂

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