Breaking the rules

I have this sum what silly rule that I made up after my second marathon. Never, I repeat, never sign up for another marathon until I finish running the one I’m currently training for. Um, yeah so my 2011 race schedule has 2 marathons on it already. While it’s a bit of a silly rule put in place because I was just unexcited about marathons for a bit after my 2nd one I have a really good reasoning for what I signed up for!

  1. The first marathon cost all of $35. It was a post event special for next year’s race, and honestly, how do you turn down a $35 marathon? For those not familiar with marathon prices the race entry for my next race (the Chicago Marathon) was $125.
  2. The second race I signed up for was $30 off. Apparently some of my father’s penny pinching ways have rubbed off on me. Now if you had to choose between $95 and $69 which would you choose? Yes, it’s over a year away, but it’s in a city a really enjoy running in (Savannah), and so many people I know are talking about doing the event. It was hard to pass up!

Normally I might be freaking out about this. Two more marathons? I’m strangely at peace with all of this. First, it gives me a chance to take some time to just focus on my running. Yes, I realize that not everyone wants to sign up over a year in advance for a race, but I’m working on planning some goals, and having some firm dates gives me a chance to plan. One of those goals is qualifying for Boston. I’m pretty far off that goal at the moment, and I think some time really focusing on my own training will get me where I want to go. I’m excited to run Chicago in 8 weeks (especially coming off a strong run this morning) and seeing where my training has taken me.

Anyway, that’s where I am at the moment. Plus I want to do some shorter races too 🙂

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