Catching up

Um, so it’s been a while since I’ve written. Yeah, sorry about that. Things have been a little crazy…

  • The front window in my bedroom is being replaced. I’m currently sleeping in one room, and getting everything I need out of my room. Tuesday I moved furniture since they ordered the wrong type of window, which can’t be returned so that I would have access to a window that does open & close in case of an emergency. Then they decided to trim out the other window the same as the new and I had to move things all over again…
  • The room I’m sleep in doesn’t have a 3 prong grounded outlet for my computer. I do have internet, which is more than I can say for my bedroom when I climb over everything to plug it in (I have a powerbook G4 laptop) and actually try to get to what I need to get to done. So, I either have internet, or a plug…
  • I was helping my mom trim our neighbors tree on Thursday. It’s growing into the roof of our house and has a vine growing up that’s trying to take over. I pulled the tree over to the window so she could trim it, and she proceed to smash 3 of my left fingers while trying to get to a branch. She ran off to get ice leaving me stuck (my shirt had gotten caught in the window, and I could get the grabber I was using out of the tree) with ants climbing all over my right arm. So now I have three smashed fingers and some ant bites…
  • I still have about 20 pages of music to memorize. My teacher thinks it’s great that I have more time to practice except that I had to move furniture all day on Tuesday, and now have 3 smashed fingers that still bother me when I play. I think out of the 20 pages I have 4 memorized. This is going to take a while…

The good news is that I can run again!! And I’m pretty excited to go biking with some friends Sunday morning. I got my bike checked out, fixed, and adjusted (the seat was about an inch too high) during the week. Plus I went and played with shoes at the Big Peach Running Co Thursday morning, and have some awesome new bath salts for post long run soaks! Lots to share once I get everything working. Now I just need the painters to come do their job so my room can have blinds and curtains again… Fingers crossed for Tuesday!

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