Message Monday

Are there days were you feel like you’re not worth anything? Or days that you just don’t feel beautiful? We’ve all been there to some degree or another. Last summer when I was a bit down I came across a website that made me smile. It’s called Operation Beautiful, and it’s mission is simple. Leave a sticky note somewhere telling someone they are beautiful. Society today puts so much pressure on outward apperances. Beautiful hair, face, and clothes. But what’s inside is just as beautiful as what is outside. In fact it’s easier to have outward beauty when you have a strong inner beauty. And who wouldn’t love to come across a note telling you that you are beautiful?

And then my twitter friend Debbie had a fabulous idea, message Monday. So, we’ve decided to start an operation beautiful mission twitter style. With our profile pictures. You don’t have to be on twitter to do it. Maybe you could leave a note somewhere or change your facebook photo. The point is to let everyone know how beautiful they are just the way they are. You don’t have to change a thing!


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