Oh my goodness, what a crazy weekend that was!! So, crazy that I’ve had trouble getting the blog to cooperate too. oh the craziness ;-). It was a long weekend filled with lots of rehearsals, and lots of pollen. In fact I was having all kinds of allergy problems with one of the rehearsal spaces too. Not really what I needed since I was going to have to spend a large amount of time out in the pollen anyway. I survived though, and despite some slip ups in Beethoven’s 9th Symphony (we played Symphony 1 & 9) it was a lot of fun. It’s been a while since I’ve had a freelance job. I had forgotten how much playing with orchestras was. So much fun!!!! Here are a few pictures from the weekend 🙂

a view from the hotel patio onto Bay street
cause even a violin needs a good chair to rest on 🙂
my favorite lunch spot!
they had a Susan B. Komen 5k Saturday morning (I had to jump in &
out of it as I ran Saturday morning)
like a good part scottish girl I found the Presbyterian church 😉
couldn’t help this one
I always go out dressed like Scarlet O’hara. Don’t you? 😉

I’m freelancing in Savannah this weekend!

I will admit that I was not so excited about my gig yesterday as I am today. Yesterday morning was filled with lots of frustration. For three weeks I waited for an e-mail response that never came. I didn’t know where I was staying. I finally gave up on the e-mail even after sending another (it was finally answered late yesterday afternoon) and started looking for a place to stay in Savannah. All of the group rooms were gone. Strike one. The closest place I could stay and not spend my entire paycheck was the airport, which is at least 25 minutes away from the rehearsal space. Strike two. The room I found was still $100. Strike three. I booked it anyway, partially out of fear that I wouldn’t be able to find anything else at a lower price that wasn’t “questionable.” At first I wasn’t really happy, but then I started thinking about it and things didn’t seem that bad. I kept looking though. Maybe, just maybe I would find something better. Then a couple of my twitter friends suggested looking on All of the sudden the heavens opened up, a ray a sunshine beamed down, and the angels started singing. Okay not really :), but one of the choices from my search was a 4 star hotel in historic Savannah for only $4 a night more than what my room by the airport was going to be. Major score!!! I’m so excited!! I haven’t spent a weekend in Savannah in who knows how long. I drive through most summers on the way to the beach house my parent’s rent, but I just cruise through without stopping. I keep reminding myself that this is a work trip. I have 4 rehearsals and a concert:

  • rehearsal Thursday 11:00am – 1:30
  • rehearsal Thursday 7:30 – 10:00pm
  • rehearsal Friday 12:30 – 3:30
  • rehearsal Friday 7:00 – 9:00
  • concert Saturday 8:00 – 10:30

Is it just me or are a lot of these schedule during prime eating times? 🙂 I have a couple of goals for myself:

  1. play my best
  2. relax
  3. enjoy local food spots (avoid Starbucks :p)
  4. go for a run & enjoy the local gardens

Since I have a room to myself I can also practice during breaks because the audition is getting closer and closer. Good news is that things for the audition are going really well now (I guess I just needed to hit the bottom). I need to keep the momentum going! But, I’m still going to enjoy myself some too 🙂

Have any restaurant or running suggestions for Savannah? I would love to hear them!

violin & running not so different

Sometimes it’s funny to think about how different two things can be only to discover they really aren’t that different. It blows my mind sometimes how similar running and playing the violin can be.

  • running has the whole barefoot vs. shod (shoes) debate. In violin we have the great bow hold debate, french vs. german (I’m a french girl)
  • long and slow are the name of the with weekly long run. Slow is the best way to learn things in music
  • want to get faster, add a speed workout to your weekly run schedule. want to play faster. better crack out that metronome and start doing some faster practicing in that music
  • breathing right is really helpful
  • strength training helps you keep your form for longer
  • focusing on form and technique can make you more efficient
  • proper nutritution and hydration are important 
  • the weeks prior to a race/audition can make you go through every emotion possible (and then some)

A few differences:

  • in running you taper your miles before a race so your legs can rest (affectionately know as the taperworm or taper monster). It can bring out our more colorful personality traits. There is no such thing as tapering for auditions or concerts. If anything, there is cramming…
  • you can run in just about any kind of weather within reason. violins don’t like being outside and react, sometimes violently, to weather changes (I’ve had pegs shoot across rooms before)
  • you can fix things as you go during a marathon. auditions and concerts are like the 100 yard dash. you only get one shot to be perfect

I’ve got just under 3 weeks till my audition. Last week I was in tears while working on my excerpts. This week I find them oddly relaxing. Go figure. The good news, every excerpt I played today was perfect on the first run through. That’s a huge step forward. You only get one shot on audition day.
Oh, and look what jumped into my violin case 🙂