Oh my goodness, what a crazy weekend that was!! So, crazy that I’ve had trouble getting the blog to cooperate too. oh the craziness ;-). It was a long weekend filled with lots of rehearsals, and lots of pollen. In fact I was having all kinds of allergy problems with one of the rehearsal spaces too. Not really what I needed since I was going to have to spend a large amount of time out in the pollen anyway. I survived though, and despite some slip ups in Beethoven’s 9th Symphony (we played Symphony 1 & 9) it was a lot of fun. It’s been a while since I’ve had a freelance job. I had forgotten how much playing with orchestras was. So much fun!!!! Here are a few pictures from the weekend 🙂

a view from the hotel patio onto Bay street
cause even a violin needs a good chair to rest on 🙂
my favorite lunch spot!
they had a Susan B. Komen 5k Saturday morning (I had to jump in &
out of it as I ran Saturday morning)
like a good part scottish girl I found the Presbyterian church 😉
couldn’t help this one
I always go out dressed like Scarlet O’hara. Don’t you? 😉

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