New favorite

Someone please get me to step away from the Sweaty Band website. NOW!!! I picked up one of these super cool headbands at the Big Peach Running Co during the week after eyeing them for a while. My brain was telling me how cute I would look in my ING Georgia race pictures with it on (current race day forecast calls for rain. HA!). I put it on before heading the the Team in Training GTS and fell in love! It is so cute, and it kept the sweat out of my eyes (I don’t glisten). So, I started thinking about how great it would be to have a few more of these little gems. Now I can’t stop looking at all of the different styles on the website. They have a green polka-dot one!!!! (green is my favorite color!!) No Team in Training one though. Hmmm, although there are some cute purple bands. Hmmmm. There is some serious trouble than could be gotten into with this site…


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