Happy, Happy tummy

I’m in food heaven. It may take me a while to come down too. Oh my goodness!! If you live in Atlanta and haven’t been to Woodfire Grill you need to get a reservation. NOW! I have been dying to go to Woodfire for months all because of one of my favorite shows, Top Chef. It did not disappoint!! I was fortunate enough to have my parents take me, all I had to do was be the DD, a role I do not mind. I have gotten many a good meal this way (and since I don’t drink I’m a cheap date :)). We got there early and sat out in the bar area while they finished getting the table ready, and then they lead us to our PRIVATE ROOM!!! Yes, that’s right, we had a little room all to ourselves!! I wish I had pictures, but taking pictures in restaurants isn’t really my think. More power to you food bloggers. They were beautiful plates that would look lovely on the blog, but really, I’m a runner. I admire momentarily and then dig in.

What kind of awesomeness did I have for dinner? Well, I started with a mixed baby lettuce salad with a light buttermilk dressing, feta cheese, and an onion cruton with bacon jam. Oh bacon jam, I think I love you. It sounds so weird, but it a wonderful, smokey, bacony piece of heaven. And I didn’t share one bite of it! Then I had the duck. More awesomeness!! The duck was slightly salty with smokey greens underneath and beets with a chocolate glaze. It was heaven in my mouth!! I also got some sunchokes to go with dinner too. Covered in mint and pomegranates, they reminded of a really awesome light and refreshing green tea. But I have to say the duck with the smokey greens were my favorite!! The whole thing was finished off with a marscapone cheesecake and some counter cultures decaf coffee (my favorite from Octane, which I need to get more of). Oh happy, happy tummy. I wish I could eat at Woodfire everyday, or maybe once a week. Or really I should go get a lottery ticket…


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