Snow, Snow, Snow (and finding pretty colors)

The snow has come to Atlanta!!!! I’ve been as giddy as a school girl since it started, which, while slightly distracting, has been rather helpful. I’m suppose to find pretty colors in my audition excerpts (I am not kidding!). Not the easiest of things since excerpts are a small part of a piece taken out of context. Think of them as a musical quote. Without context it’s hard to find shapes and color (colors serve as a way of adding layers and musical interest. In a way it’s exactly what it sounds like. Different moods in music bring out different colors associations and phrasing). Not only did I start feeling more secure, but I felt like I was at least starting to find some colors and phrases in the music. I actually felt happy after I finished each excerpt, which is a new feeling. I still expect to be picked apart at my lesson on Monday, but I at least feel like I’ve caught up to where I was at the end of last week before leaving for Florida. I like being happy when I play. I have to say it was a pretty awesome feeling, and I sound pretty darn good!

And since I’m so giddy over the snow here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

just starting
proof there’s just a little bit
okay, so it’s more of a muddy, slushy mess than anything
2 hours later 
who threw that snowball at me, and where did it go?
the forest behind the house (okay really there are tennis courts and a golf course back there)
So far I think we have about an inch, and it’s still coming down. Hopefully the Team in Training GTS will still happen Saturday morning so we can all go running in the snow!!! Especially now that I finally feel like I’m kicking whatever I came down with after the race Sunday. Hope you’re having fun in the snow where ever you are!!! (and the Olympics start tonight!!!!!)

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