So, apparently it’s cool to give your Garmin a name. I had to think long and hard on this one. I couldn’t just give it any name. I wanted it to mean something. And then it hit me. I had the perfect idea! See I am a die hard fan of Team in Training. They are my second family, not just because I see them just as much if not more than some of my own family, but because they are some of the best people I have ever met. And then I started thinking about why I joined Team in Training. I don’t like cancer. It has visited my family too many times (3 to be exact), and the last time it took someone. My Uncle Clyde passed away from cancer the summer of 2008 and four days later I signed up for Team in Training. So, in honor of my uncle I present:

My Garmin Clyde (and just to get this out of the way, yes my name is Bonnie, and I run with a Garmin named Clyde. There!). Clyde and I are on the way down to Tallahassee for his first race Sunday morning. I’m sure he’s up to the challenge 🙂 Go big or go home right? 🙂


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