1st run with Garmin

The Garmin has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m not excited at all if you can’t tell ;p). I was so nervous that it wouldn’t come on Wednesday because UPS only said that it was in Atlanta and in transit, but not out for delivery. Way to make an impatient lady stress UPS :).

Originally the Garmin was going to stay in the box until after I complete Sunday’s marathon. HA!! My friend Kristen said she would have gotten it right out of the box and gone for a run. She’s a smart lady :). I did in fact take it and the heart rate monitor out for a “test run” this morning. That’s when I realized that Nike+ hasn’t been completely honest with me. I had to run a little further than I did yesterday with Nike+ get all 3 miles in, and the Garmin says I wasn’t going the same speed that Nike+ says I run. That’s okay. Nike+ was a great way to get started with running. I can’t wait to start playing with some of the features on my Garmin. That of course means I need to figure out how the thing works in the first place. I’ve read the manual 3 times now. I’m still not sure I have it all figured out yet. No worries. Usually I figure most electronic things out just by playing with them.

Apparently there is a tradition amongst runners to name their Garmin device. The very first thing I got on my Dailymile post this morning was what was my Garmin’s name. I don’t have a clue. I’m not big on giving things names. I mean the dogs have names, but my car and my violin are nameless and will remain that way. So, what should I name my Garmin? Any ideas?


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