Pick a shirt

I had great hopes for this morning. I wanted to run! I didn’t. Instead I spent the hour before I was suppose to leave hacking up a lung. So, instead I went back to bed where I preceded to cough for another 1/2 hour before finally falling back to sleep. To say I’m frustrated is a bit of an understatement at the moment. I really am trying to be patient and let myself get better so that I can run a marathon in 2 weeks. So, instead I’m starting to make a list of things I need to go get at the Big Peach Running Co this week, and trying to decide what the heck I’m going to wear on race day! Oh, and I’m currently avoiding both Facebook and Dailymile. I’m so glad my friends can run. Really I am. I just can’t read about it right now. I promise to come back soon!!!

Back to the important things. What to wear race day (I am a girl, and a dork ;p)? Here are the two tops I”m considering:

1. It took me awhile to remember the last race I ran wearing something other than a Team in Training singlet (2008 Peachtree Road Race). This one is not a Team event. I doubt anyone else will have a Team shirt, which I admit is part of the appeal (everyone should know about Team in Training!). It also has my name on it. It’s nice to have people cheering for you by name…

2. My last marathon was the 2009 Nike Women’s Marathon. It didn’t go so well (huge understatement!). The phrase redemption race has been thrown out there for the Tallahassee Marathon. I’ve worn this shirt on almost all of my long runs.

So there are a lot of feeling behind both shirts. Even though the race is in Florida I will probably have another shirt underneath. I still have lots of time to decide, but I don’t have much to do other than sit around, cough, and think today. Thoughts on which shirt I should wear?

Ready, set, go for audition training

Ah, Richard Strauss you make me go crazy sometimes! I mentioned in my last post that I’m getting ready for an audition. The afore mentioned audition isn’t until the end of April, and like most auditions there is Strauss on the menu. Most people know the Strauss waltzes. This isn’t the waltz Strauss’. Oh no. This is a Strauss writing at the end of the 19th century when composers were starting to push the boundaries into what we call “20th century” music compositions. For example the one Strauss piece that is almost always on the audition for major orchestras is a tone poem called Don Jaun. It’s the war horse orchestral excerpt of the violin world. Thankful I’m not learning that one (although I have). No I’m working on an excerpt from his opera Der Rosenkavalier. Whenever I do the first read though of this I totally freak out. It’s taken me a week to really “understand” what is going on in this excerpt. And then I listened to it. It’s really lovely, and dramatic, and, well hard. It jumps all over the violin, goes into the highest registers, and has accidentals galore. What’s an accidental you ask? It’s just what it sounds like, something that doesn’t normally belong. But, it’s there, and I have to figure it out. I think I’ve got the 1st page under control now. Too bad it’s still painfully under tempo. Ahh, well that’s why I’m already working on music for an April audition (besides the fact that there are 10 excerpts to learn. Most auditions only do 4-5). It’s like learning to run the 100 yard dash perfectly 10 times in a row and winning every time. No pressure. It has to be perfect. Perfect rhythm, perfect intonation, perfect bow strokes, well you get the point. I’m not perfect. No where close, which is why I struggle with this part of the music world. I wish there was another way to get into an orchestra. I have to say that I really like a lot of the excerpts. They are powerful, dramatic, delicate, passionate, and fun. I think I can do a lot with them. So, for now I’m attempting to be perfect, or at the very least consistent. After all the more consistent I am, the better things will go when I’m standing in front of a giant black sheet shaking, and trying to play perfectly in one try.

Getting Antsy

I am slowly going stir crazy. I haven’t done much since Sunday. Usually the taper isn’t a big deal for me, but this time I’m going crazy. I guess I really needed some rest after the 20 miler because I’ve been sick ever since. At least the fever is gone!! And I’m slowly able to breathe through my nose again! It’s sad when an hour of practicing a violin knocks the wind out of the lungs. Not the best thing for someone getting ready for an audition.  This morning things area feeling better so I tried a 20 minute yoga workout. It was nice to stretch the legs out again. It would be even better if I could go for a run. Maybe Friday if not, hopefully Saturday…

I also keep looking at what I want to get for my “reward” for finishing my 4th marathon in 2 weeks. I can’t stop looking at it, and I really want to get it :). Plus I found it for 50% off. What do you think?