A much needed haircut!

I got my haircut yesterday!! I tried out a new salon near my house (Ambrosia) for a couple of reasons:

  1. they’ve got a lot of good curly haircut reviews
  2. they use all natural products
  3. It just looked really cool from the photos. Relaxed and eclectic. My kind of place!

Plus as an added bonus I called for an appointment Tuesday and got one for Wednesday. Major score!! And the stylist actually listened to what I was saying about my hair!! He asked what I didn’t like about it, and took a lot of time just looking at it to see what my crazy curly hair did. The end result (note my own styling may or may not resemble this in the future):

This was the first time I had ever had a dry haircut. This was mostly so he could see how my hair reacted as he cut it. I have to say I actually really liked it before he even washed it! Granted I had to put my glasses back on before I could see what was really going on, but it’s pretty cool. He even explained what he was doing (and I actually understood!) so that I would have an idea of what was going on. It was completely free form. He didn’t cut a certain length into it, he just cut the hair the way it wanted to go. And he did it all with a razor (first time for me). It was pretty cool to watch.

I also got to have my scalp analyzed because the Phyto representative was in the salon doing consultations. Bonus! I think I may try out some of their products now that I know what can help this itchy, dry scalp of mine. If anyone is interested in trying the salon let me know (I highly recommend it!). I have some referral cards that can save you 20% on a service.


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