Do you DailyMile?

Haven’t heard of DailyMile yet? Don’t worry I only recently discovered it myself. For a long time I’ve been using the Nike+ system. Over the holiday break I started noticing a tend with my Twitter feed. People were commenting on their workouts from something called DailyMile. Okay, that’s cool, but what the heck is it? I set out to investigate!

DailyMile is pretty cool, dare I say even addictive. It’s Facebook for the exercising crowd. You can either manually enter your workouts for cycling, running, swimming, yoga, cardio, and so much more or you can sync your workouts from several of the popular tracking devices on the market (I can sync with my Nike+ sportsband). You have friends who can comment on your workouts or post thoughts, cool little motivation gifts, community groups (Team in Training Georgia has one!), and challenges you can participate in against other DailyMile users. And to top it all off this week they started sending out weekly training recaps to your e-mail inbox. Mine said I did an awesome job of training last week. Thanks DailyMile!

I can see why Nike+ has tried to make some of the changes they started. Problem is they are no where near as good as DailyMile currently is. I still have to log into Nike+ to look at the graph of my run (that’s something that DailyMile doesn’t do), but I love the community on DailyMile. Whether someone is just starting out, been training for a while, or is a running rockstar, everyone is super supportive and encouraging. My kind of place! So, pop on by and check it out!


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