Kill the germs part 2 (or is it 3…)

This morning I walked around the house with a bottle of Lysol and sprayed anything that anyone might have touched in the past week. Especially my Dad, who was sick all last week coughing and blowing his nose everywhere and not cleaning anything afterwards. Well, actually he did start cleaning a few things yesterday after I started feeling miserable. I almost didn’t make it through church yesterday. I sat there listening and trying to figure out how to take a breathe without having my chest hurt. Not the feeling I wanted with only 10 weeks to train for my next race. Fortunately a nap and a whole bunch of vitamins seem to be helping. This I found my last packet of powered wheat grass, mixed it up, and chugged this morning! If it helps like it says it will then I need to stop by Whole Foods later and get some more for the week because I need to get in a 14 mile run on Saturday to stay on schedule. I don’t know if I’ll be able to run tomorrow or not. My chest is still a little heavy, but at least it doesn’t hurt anymore. The germs need to go away. I’m so over them!!

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