2 Days

So, there isn’t really anything new today. It’s raining again. I’m pretty sure I live in Atlanta, but I have to say it feels more like Seattle’s weather at the moment. I got up and went on my run this morning. The radar said it wasn’t raining, but the soft patter on the roof said otherwise. Actually, it was just dripping and misty. I really didn’t get that wet. Well, I did get a little wet because you can’t see puddles in the dark. Shocking I know :). Nothing big is going on with my runs. I’m trying to take my time and just use them to stay loose and relaxed, but yesterday’s average pace was 9:30 and today’s was 9:21. Hmmm….

I’ve had a lot of trouble staying focused and motivated this week. I’m glad my lesson was on Sunday despite it being the worst lesson in a month. Honestly, it wasn’t bad, but it certainly wasn’t anything to brag about. My teacher is pretty awesome and very understand since I was sick all week. I promised to practice lots before I leave for San Francisco. I feel like I’m failing big time. I am practicing, but I don’t know if it’s doing any good. I am really good a packing though :).
Just 2 more days till we leave!!! Here’s a little reminder of why I do this:

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