A change of weather

As you can see the violin was not happy when I opened the case this morning =(. Poor violin. It just doesn’t like any changes as far as the weather goes, which is a shame because the weather is changing. I can’t tell you how many violins I’ve had to tune so far this week. It’s crazy!

This morning I went for a run and it was actually cold! I kid you not. It was 49 degrees when I got back from my 8 mile run. I couldn’t move my hands! I haven’t warmed up much since, but then my room always seems to be cold, so hopefully I’ll feel warmer once I get outside and go to work. I still haven’t quite figured out what to wear when I’m running in this cooler weather. It’s not cool enough for pants and not warm enough for sleeveless shirts. So, I’ve been wandering the great Internet looking at fall/winter running gear and mentally spending my paycheck before I even get it later today. Shopping is just too easy =).

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