Flooding down in Georgia

Well, I’m happy to say after 18 hours with no power things are starting to look up. You might have heard that it’s a little soggy here in Atlanta. Okay, it’s flooding. Big time! The golf course behind our house was completely flooded! My Dad said he’s never seen anything like it in the 30 years they’ve lived in the house. Most people were not so happy about it, but the Canadian geese loved it!! I wish I had gotten a picture. It was great, and made me laugh, which I didn’t do much of yesterday. Here are a few pictures from the local paper:

Just to get an idea of what it was like in my area the pictures of Westminster is where I work (we rent space from the school on top of a nice big hill!!) and I live 4 blocks up from the picture of Peachtree Creek and Woodward (also up a nice big hill!!). I really like hills right now!!!
I was able to get my tempo run in this morning despite the fact that my usually route was partially under water (part of it is by Peachtree Creek). So, I had to make up a route as I went, and had to deal with my Nike+ sportsband’s issues as well. Needless to say I was shocked when I saw the results. I knew I was going at a good clip, but I was expecting this. My hamstrings are still a little sore from squats and an attempt at power yoga Sunday. Here’s the lowdown:
Distance: 3.87 miles
Total Time: 33:01
Average Pace: 8:31 per mile (what the heck!!!)
mile 1: 8:13
mile 2: 8:13
mile 3: 8:13
mile 3.87: 8:13
In case you’re wondering how splits of 8:13 equal an average pace of 8:31 there were a few speed changes in between some of the splits (otherwise known as hills). Part of me is wondering if my Nike+ sensor is lying to me, but I don’t have any other way of judging what I did.
Anyway, I had a light breakfast since the power was out, so I’m off to raid the kitchen! And then probably practice because I can’t work =( which stinks. Oh, and probably read a good book!

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