The bow is the boss

I noticed something written across the top of several of my excerpts this morning: “the bow is the boss.” It’s funny how backwards that seems to me, but when you really think about it, it’s true. The only way I can go faster is for the bow to move faster. So, what does that I mean for my poor fingers on my right hand? Well let’s just say there isn’t any smoke yet, but we’re pretty darn close. They have to move lightening fast to keep up with the bow, because the only way for things to sound right is if the finger is going down before the bow moves.

I’m currently in full freak out mode over my audition. Every time I play something I’m analyzing how I can make it better, or if it was good enough for an audition. Searching for perfection is exhausting. And there are only 7 days left before I play it all in front of a giant black screen. Yeah, I’m freaking out when I think about it, but I’m working on focusing on what I’m doing one excerpt at a time. I can’t freak out while I’m playing!! Hopefully my runs will help calm me down some. At the very least I’ll wear myself out so that I’ll at least sleep well (we’re running 16 miles on Saturday). Oh, and I guess i should mention I dropped out of the second audition (can you imagine how much more I would be freaking out if I had 2 auditions right now?). I’m okay with it. I would rather doing really well on one then do two really bad auditions. However, there are only 7 days left…

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